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Tykes’ is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes’ and its history by entering Tykes’ Towers. All the information you need is here.

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The FiloFolk conundrum has been solved! Click on the book logo below and to the right and be transported to the latest iteration of FiloFolk. If you have news about a club/venue whether it be a new one, a defunct one or a wrongly attributed one, we need to know. We can't check every entry every time, so you're it as far as veracity goes. Email us here at

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Tykes News spring cover
Tykes' News

The lovingly prepared Summer 2017 edition of Tykes' News warms us with gentle breezes and blue vistas. Beaches beckon you to bide a while and submerge yourself in folky info.



It is with some sadness, tinged with excitement, that we announce a change in the top echelons of the Tykes’ News hierarchy. Carol Wood, editor for an amazing 27 years (nigh on half the life–span of the magazine!), is stepping aside to concentrate on the subscriptions and distribution aspect of our 55 year old journal. Carol has overseen many changes during her tenancy; computer generated layout, digital transfer of images and text, colour covers, glossy paper, centralised spreadsheets, a website, and PayPal. Our reliance on scalpels, cow–gum and coffee has morphed into copy/paste and Perrier, but her retirement regime sees her out of the country for a large proportion of the year. The coming year includes South Africa (where she is as I write!) and Australia for starters, which makes even cat–care a nightmare let alone the editing of the magazine.

Lucky then, that we had an in–house, previous editor to fill the void. Nigel Schofield has agreed to step up and hold the fort. Nigel, the author of several books on folk music, has extensive experience of folk journalism and unique links throughout our genre which will comfortably see us through this transitional period. He brings to the table an all encompassing resumé of past interviews, articles and reviews which fit the needs and aspirations of Tykes’ News perfectly.

So Tykes’ Towers is moving ... the amorphous entity that holds the notion of Tykes’ News will magically be re–located several miles East Southeast but, (there’s always a ‘but‘!) there are new addresses, emails and phone numbers to note, so be on your guard and alter your address books and contact lists accordingly. Though there may be stray addresses that linger because we have forgotten where we put them, or indeed why we put them where they are, so be vigilant Tykesians and let us know if you spot one. Onwards and sideways - The Tykes Team.

In other News:
A shock for the Hedgerow club in Pontefract: Big Link-up of Elphinstone/EFDSS/Library of Congress: NYFE in nationwide search: Black Swan free folk weekend: Róisín Ban line-up change.

We were pleased that no one took agin the new Twofer-view initiative - yet! So to celebrate here's another... in which Tykes' News braves legendary Barnsley Tyke Dave Burland as he explains how 'Okkard' he's gotten.

Fairport at 50 - Part two: The story continues with fascinating up & downs, in & outs, forward & backs. The Fairport capering reaches it's mid-point.

Two more interviews to spice up those long hours of relaxing on the beach: Young gun Henry Parker and old hand Geoff Lakeman. There are contrasts and confluences aplenty across the two articles.

After last issue's TheTransports titbit of news we have a solid report on the show as a charabanc full of tykes voyages westward to cruise with the first fleet.

Leeds Morris take us on a tour of their side and traditions. It's a long trip starting in 1951, so pack a sandwich.

Duncan McFarlane thinks long and hard about how to Arr Trad, discussing his reasons for the odd tweak or the full tune-ectomy. Plenty on page 38 for a Tykesian to chew over and then tell us your thoughts - in the best possible taste of course!

Filo Folk Filo folk link

This is the more dynamic and light-on-it's-toes version of TYKES' NEWS' FiloFolk listings pages.


Tykes' Towers Tykes Towers link

Meet the rambling inhabitants of the rambling pile that is the historic home of Tykes' News and discover their shameful secrets.


Useful Stuff Yorkshire Folk Arts at Tykes News

Here's a link to YFA's all encompassing folk directory. Hundreds of festivals, song and dance venues in an easy to browse format.


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