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The Summer edition of Tykes' News is now out

We have insightful comments by Brian Peters and Roger Davies is rolling out a sixth CD 'Local Radio'. Re~View has a closeup gander at 'The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion', as the Increds hit their stride for the difficult second album from 1967. We hope the peeling doesn't bring any tears of lost dreams.

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Tykes' News spring issue

Roger Davies is rolling out a sixth CD 'Local Radio'. As he says - "I play my music on several local radio stations: I mention them in the sleeve notes of the CD, by way of thanks for their support. Not just local to this area, but up and down the country. As with all my CDs, I was looking for a kind of summational title: is that a word? Anyway, a title that sums up a kind of theme: local radio is where some of these songs started out: others would be at home being played on local radio."

Roger goes through the new and shiny CD track by track with Nigel Schofield. For example the updated version of 'Grand Depart'. "I was really pleased with the version I did with the Durbevilles, which we brought out as a single before the Tour de France. The band version was great, it really rocked. But on the album it would have stuck out and I believe things on a record should all sound they all came from the same place and time. People would have wondered where the band came from – and maybe even feel they were missing off other tracks. So, I rerecorded it for this album as a solo song because I like to think what people hear on my albums is the same as they can expect to hear live. The band version also remains something special, too."

Nigel's comprehensive examination looks at the tracks, the cover design, the future anthological history of the tracks, and the producer... "In his book, 'White Bicycles', producer Joe Boyd, who discovered the group when sent talent scouting to the UK by Elektra records, says it would be nearly two decades before he again felt the sense of excitement, fun and adventure that he experienced in the studio and mixing sessions for 5000 Spirits"


On club singers... “Now you’re talking my language. I’ve worked a lot in folk clubs, and I’m always interested in hearing the floor singers. It’s just as you say – you hear somebody with the right way of telling the story in song, and they can be spellbinding.”

On Sharp's Appalachian Harvest tour with Jeff Davis... "Sharp was giving lectures in America, and was also being paid as an advisor on a stage production of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, which included English style folk dancing." Fascinating indeed.

On the US of A, where... "I'll be playing at the Old Songs Festival in New York State. It’s great - similar to a traditional English folk festival and quite eclectic. I’m also teaching classes on English folk songs and Child Ballads at a Summer School in North Carolina.". What a great English export he is.

Look out for his new CD 'Squeezebox, Voicebox' out very soon.

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