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The spring edition of Tykes' News is now out

Keep up to date with what's on where and when, with FiloFolk. Read about Hornbeam Molly, a re-re-review of Pete Seeger's "we shall overcome", O’Hooley & Tidow and not only but also Allan Taylor.

There are also lots of juicy reviews of CDs and live events, what your local folk club has been doing and will be doing over the next few months. It’s all there in the Spring issue of Tykes’ News.

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Tykes' News Summer issue
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Hornbeam Molly

Hornbeam Molly is seeking something special and that something, gentle reader, is you. In fact your physical health and mental well-being depend on your joining us and if you don’t believe me just take a look in the mirror. See what I mean? Join us now before it gets any worse. You will find us a friendly and welcoming team, wheth- er you come along just to see what goes on, or whether you already have an urge to give it a try.

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We Shall Overcome

STOP PRESS: On the very eve of printing we have learnt of the death of Pete Seeger at 94. Ironically this issue’s RE~view is Part One of his iconic live LP “We Shall Overcome” We shall revisit Pete’s life in the summer edition.

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Iron Muse
Castle Lonsword

Belinda O’Hooley & Heidi Tidow

Booked to appear at the Live Room, Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow arrive mid-afternoon. We chat about their journey, the current bizarre Saltaire roadworks, my Tykes’ review of their excellent previous album, The Fragile, and their new album (due for release in February). They give me an advance copy but suggest we discuss it in more detail when I’ve had a proper chance to listen to it: it seems a sensible idea so we arrange track by track conversation to tie in with their next visit to the area.

As we are in Saltaire, our conversation shifts to their last appearance here, when they took part in the No Masters 20th anniversary concert:-

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Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor’s new album All Is One has already garnered awards, nominations and glowing reviews in rock and roots magazines on the continent. The most impressive album of an impressive 40–odd year recording career, it is reviewed elsewhere in Tykes’.

Tykes’ took the opportunity to ask him about his career, his advice to the next generation

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Castle Lonsword

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