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Angus R Grant (14th February '67 - 9th October '16) James Soars writes:

"Somewhat bohemian in outlook, Angus was more rigorously unconventional on stage, leading audiences in a merry dance for over 30 years, and influencing a whole generation of musicians. With his rock~n~roll swagger, he made fiddle playing cool.".

Tykes' News autumn issue


Yep, two interviews in this issue, Nancy Kerr and The Dubervilles. Opposite ends of the folkosphere. Nancy talks about her new found song writing enthusiasms: "The songs explore a whole range of developments, progressional changes and metamorphoses. Put simply, they are about how Nature, including humans, adapt and adjust to accommodate to the world around them. The theme is reflected in the cover – a striking representation of Nancy halfway between insect and human form."

... and the Durbs about the folks they've interviewed, and it's many, many people:

"This October, The Durbevilles celebrated ten years of pre- senting their weekly folk and roots show on BBC Radio Leeds. While other specialist radio shows (and/or the presenters) have felt the draught of the executioner’s axe, the Durbs have gone from strength to strength..."

John Curtin: Doom of the Dog

ReView: Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changing part two:

Nigel flips the LP on the old Dancette and wades through the meaningful poetry and prose of the latest Nobel Prize recipient. "In the Autumn we looked at the recording of Bob Dylan’s third album, an LP that has been described as “the definitive protest record”. Side one brought us an anthem, rants against social injustice and religious hypocrisy, a saga of urban decay based on Dylan’s own childhood and a plangent paean to failed love. Now we flip the vinyl and turn our attention to side 2 which begins with an event plucked from current headlines..."

Gerry Cooper and Phil Snel

Did you know about Leeds based Jumbo Records 'Instore' concerts? read how Jon Boden got on at this 15 year old event:

"Jumbo records have been featuring ‘Instore’ events for around fifteen years and earlier in the year five artists appeared in one go for their 45th anniversary. Adam Gillison of Jumbo Records tells us, “We don’t do a huge number-maybe 5 or 6 a year, the idea being to keep them fresh and interesting. We certainly plan to keep doing them!"." Keep an eye out for future Instores.

Gerry Cooper and Phil Snel

Wee Dog Sound are the Oltley based PA outfit you need for all your amplification wants. Duncan plugs into the DI box and gets a balanced output. Read how, when and why they started. Ani and Gerry explain:

"We had always done the sound for our own bands and had quite an interest in the science of sound. Plus we’ve always been ‘gear anoraks’.We both suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and firmly believe eBay should close when the pubs do!’."

John Curtin: Doom of the Dog
John Curtin: Doom of the Dog

We look at three big festivals from this year's crop:

From wildly different locations - A field: The annual Fairport sandwich that is Cropredy, this year had the benefit of glorious weather, consistently outstanding sets and an array of pleasant delights. So between the two slices of Fairport [......], we had a remarkable variety of music with everyone on top form, An hotel: This Autumn, Costa del Folk returned to Portugal, with an impressive line–up that included Show of Hands, Fisherman’s Friends, The Young’uns, Fay Hield & the Hurricane Party, and Heidi Talbot. And a whole town: So what makes it [Whitby] so special? Well, there’s the town – anyone who hasn’t been needs to go, and anyone who has been knows just what we mean. And then there’s the people. It’s a lot to do with continuity [......] But for the performer, the jewel in the crown is The Audience.

John Curtin: Doom of the Dog

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