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The Summer edition of Tykes' News is now out

In this edition; Michael Chapman, Judy Collins, Unthanks, Alive & Kicking, and Duncan McFarlane's First Meeting. Reviews: Pre, Live and CD lurk in the nether regions of the magazine: An intense look at Leon Rosselson on not just his latest CD but apparently his very last CD! Top reviewer Alan Rose lines out the links and synchronicity.

New Tykes Team member, Michael Hardeman, reviews a couple of 'wish I'd been there' type live events and we have a quick look at how our Roger (Davies of course) has coped in the very large pool that Fairport inhabit.

Tykes' News spring issue

Michael Chapman: Celebrating 50 years of touring, he's probably been round the clock twice!

"Born in Hunslet, Leeds, in January 1941, Michael shows no signs of slowing down or taking things easy." Graham Smout guides us like a virtual SatNav through Michael's career.

REview: Judy Collins - Who Knows Where the Time Goes.

"Because the American and British definitions of “folk–rock” are so different, there wasn’t a significant ground–breaking US LP that brought together traditional songs and electric music in the same way as Liege & Lief or the first Steeleye albums. In terms of our British understanding (folk music played on electric instruments), one has to consider great American folk–rock tracks rather than albums." says Nigel. He's not wrong, and it's fascinating.

Chris Simpson of Magna Carta

The INTERVIEW: Ann Chadwick with The Unthanks: Or more correctly Adrian McNally of The Unthanks.

"Adrian McNally has a lot to be thankful for, he says – namely “for meeting Rachel and Becky, without whom I would be just another bedroom musician”. Adrian is pianist, musical director and record producer for the band and is married to the music in more ways than one – Rachel is his wife."

Steve Tilston
John Curtin: Doom of the Dog

Duncan McFarlane's First Meetings: A random thread gets the cogs whirring.

"I wasn’t going to pen anything at all for this issue, or so I thought... But then I saw a post on Facebook by Lynda Hardcastle (known to many of this Parish) asking her friends on that forum to state ‘how we met’. I noticed a few succinct and brief replies such as ‘at Whitby Fest’ and thought I’d post my tuppence–worth on the thread too. But, to my dismay, I found myself writing far too long a tale to post on that forum.". FaceBook's loss is our gain.

Bryony Griffith

Alive & Kicking:

Jennie Ellison tells us how Elaine Wood and her friends put together this sparkling day of folk in Keighley. "It was Elaine’s vision of a day celebrating the joy of being alive and raising money for charity, and a great success it was. It was months in the planning and Elaine received many offers of help from friends far and wide which enabled her to make her vision a reality." As Elaine herself said "The ticket sales and money situation was always difficult to predict and was the case right up to the evening concert, when we had many people who bought tickets on the door and who boosted our income figure. The amount of final profit from the event came as quite a shock". Find out just how much in the pages of Tykes' News.

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