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Bernard Davey (Died 15th December 2016) and Philomela Hingston (Died 21st January 2017)

Chris Dyson writes of Bernard: "Bernard was a superb singer with a voice of velvet." and Tony Charnock writes of Philomena "[she] took on the role of Publicity from 1989 and when the Club faced various difficulties in 1993, with closure being suggested, it was Philomena who stepped forward to take on the role of Act-Booker; which she was to hold for an unprecedented 9 years."

Tykes' News spring issue
The Hayes Sisters
Nikki Hampson


The Hayes Sisters are the latest sibling rivals to the close harmony crown of UK folk music. Find out how it all fits together with busy lives and a growing gig list. "Cath: One thing we all agreed on straight away was ending the album with an a capella song. Just us, with absolutely nothing else added, not even instruments. Jenny: We love a capella singing – a joy to sing and a delight to listen to. It has a… how to put it… a purity, an integrity, an honesty… it’s so stark and so full at the same time."

Nikki Hampson is the driving force behind Shepley Spring Festival. "Nikki: We were basically looking for more camping space. [...]. We moved to Holmebridge. We were there two years, but we’d soon outgrown it. Mac and I drove up and down every hill and valley but could not find another flat location that was willing to have us. […] we considered taking a year out… but instead, meanwhile, Sally Atkinson had had her 30th birthday on a field at Shepley and knew there was a nucleus of folk–interested people in that location. So in 2007 we had the first festival site in Shepley."

Fairport Convention

ReView: Fairport Convention at 50 - Part One:

Nigel begins a four season odyssey investigating the unlikely, one might even say puzzling, survival of the UK's first and foremost Folk Rock band. "This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of Fairport Convention, the group that can justly claim to be the inventors of British Folk Rock"

Book Review: Morris Malarky

The ups and downs of a morris side in a proper book with a story and pages and everything. A novel experience for Tykes' readers.

Mountain Minstrels
The Gold Badging of Sue & Pete Coe


Mountain Minstrels: How about a jaunt up a mountain in the Balkans playing ukuleles? Read Richard Hargreaves' quest to assemble such a party on page 23. It may just be your holiday of a lifetime.

The Gold Badging of Sue & Pete Coe. "We were delighted last November to make our way over the hill to the Malt House in Rishworth. Here, in a packed upstairs room, Pete and Sue Coe were presented with their hard-earned and well-deserved Gold EFFDS badges. They join a long, starry list of people such as John Tams, Graeme Miles, Peggy Seeger and Ray Fisher" writes Lynda Hardcastle who crossed over many valleys and streams to bring us this heartwarming story.

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