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Friday, 22 February 2019

Welcome to the Tykes’ News Web Site!

Tykes’ is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes’ and its history by entering Tykes’ Towers.

Winter issue cover

Tykes´ News Winter Issue

Welcome to Winter Tykes News

Your hard-working magazine typesetter is still recovering from moving house, and hasn't been able to produce the usual brief summary of what's in the magazine.

This is the webmaster stepping in with a brief reassurance that the web site hasn't died, and neither has the magazine. The Winter issue of Tykes' News has, of course, been out since the beginning of December as usual.

What's in the Winter Issue - a Very Brief Summary

Editor Nigel Schofield was laid low with a virus at the critical time (he's better now, thank goodness), and Jim Ellison stepped in to write an editorial for us.

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